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Welcome to Pinnacle@Duxton Singapore!

Planning to visit the 50th Storey Skybridge at The Pinnacle@Duxton to enjoy paranomic views of the Singapore city skyline and beyond? You are at the right place! 

Here, you will find useful tips and info on how to maximise the experience of your visit & minimise any hassle! Enjoy :) 



Tips for external visitors to the 50th storey Skybridge of The Pinnacle@Duxton   

Opening Hours

9am to 10pm daily  

(except during special events like the fireworks display viewing on National Day (Aug 8th) where balloting will be conducted) 

Entry Charge


S$5 per Person per Entry 


Daily Quota for Entry

200 visitors per day.  

(At any one time, only 100 visitors will be allowed on the Sky Garden.)


Mode of Payment for Entry


By using EZ-Link card only.  


ezlink card from 7Eleven


front view of '7-Eleven' card  |  back view of '7-Eleven' card    


Where to buy EZ-Link Cards :


·   At the 7-Eleven store at The Pinnacle@Duxton, Block 1G.

· Passenger Service Centres within MRT stations 

·   All TransitLink Ticket Offices 



Each EZ-Link card costs S$10 (including S$5 card cost and S$5 stored value)  


Top-ups on EZ-link cards are also available at the 7-Eleven store for a fee of S$0.50 per top-up. 


Each  EZ-Link card allows access for only 1 person at a time. Once you have paid the S$5 charge using your EZ-Link card , you cannot use the same EZ-Link card to pay for another person. Each person is to have his or her own card.


Entry to the Sky Garden using the EZ-Link card will be allowed only within 1 hour after payment.

Payment Method

Via the Self-Service Kiosk Machine located outside the Managing Agent’s (MA) office at Blk 1G, Level 1.  


Entrance of Blk 1G


Entry Point to Blk 1G Self-Service Kiosk Machine and Lift Lobby


MA Office & Self-Service Kiosk


Self-Service Kiosk Machine located outside the Managing Agent's Office


Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk


Self-Service Kiosk Machine (See the Available Quota and Access for the day)



Entry to the 50th Storey Skybridge




·         After making payment with your EZ-Link card, proceed to take the elevator (located behind the Managing Agent’s (MA) office) to the 50th storey.  Entry points to the Sky Garden are available at all 7 blocks.







Lift Lobby






Lift Lobby at Level 1 - Use only the lifts on the left side to access 50th storey.










·         Use the same EZ-Link card that you made payment with to tap at the black "Visitor" Card Reader located at the entry point to the Sky Garden.

Visitor Card Reader



·        Walk through the full-height turnstile after you hear a ‘beep’ sound and a green light indicated on the Card Reader.

     (Be sure to take note of the Rules when visiting the Skybridge!)


Instruction at Turnstile


Exit from the 50th Storey Skybridge   





·          You can exit the Sky Garden through any of the exit points located at each of the 7 block (exit at Block 1A if you are proceeding to Outram MRT and exit at Block 1F if you are proceeding to Tanjong Pagar MRT). 


·          Use the same EZ-Link card to tap at the black "Visitor" Card Reader located at the exit points (same as the entry points).


·          Walk through the full-height turnstile after you hear a ‘beep’ sound and a green light indicated on the Card Reader.


·          Take the lift to Level 1. 


If you encounter any problem in entering or exiting the Sky Garden , please visit the Managing Office at Blk 1G, Level 1 or call 6225 8842. 

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